Friday, October 13, 2006

10 things about my life...

Topic #1: Ben is safely out of the Hospital. His Kangoo is a wooping gay purple color now. Nothing can be gayer than that. Enuff said! Hahaha...

Topic#2: My hamster has given up. Rest in peace, hammy. =(

Topic#3: I have not eaten at home for months. I hate it and enjoy it. Mixed feelings.

Topic#4: Year 4 in SMU liao, still single. Woooooo....

Topic#5: I hate projects. I hate meetings.

Topic#6: I need a gooooooooooooooood hug. Real one please... stop the MSN

Topic#7: My room still looks like a hotel, if it is tidy, of course.

Topic#8: I want my own car. Then I realise nobody owe me a car and I have no means of getting one. So... shuddup.

Topic#9: I feel very tired always. I have chest pains. At times I cannot breathe for almost 5mins. My lips are always dry but I drink alot of water. Symptoms of diabetes and perhaps some kidney problems. I am prepared anyway.

Topic#10: I just feel happy to have good friends. But where are they?


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