Saturday, September 22, 2007

G12 Retreat @ Malacca and A'Famosa

For the first time, I had my G12 retreat. It was held in Malaysia. We drove up in 3 cars. Great fellowship! This trip lasted 3 days. This trip came at a great time to refresh myself as I am still in the period of not having a job offer yet. So much for graduating with Honours. God must be intervening. We got lost on our trip up to Malacca and it takes more than a head to figure where we really were at Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh! Landmarks are really hard to follow on the map, unlike in Singapore. This land is really huge!
Our unit at Mahkota apartment really had a great view. That's the sea right from our balcony!! It was also our stay here that I found out that Zongrong is afraid of heights. I am too. Just not when I have the safety of a cordoned balcony. Phew!
At Jonka Street, the Chendol is a MUST-TRY. However, in one instance, we ordered 4 bowls of Ice-Kachang misrepresented as "Chendol with more ingredients". Great. Pardon the little girl who served us. At last, we ordered the real Chendol after realising the little girl simply did not know what being served was named!
Penang Laksa tasted really sour! However, there's a punch to it! MUST-TRY! I realised that they served really generous amount of tuna in their laksa. Tasty. Totally. Overall, I still prefer Singapore Katong Laksa. At least I am confident that I can finish the soup. Period. This vintage car was quite a site at Jonka Street. I would love to see this on Singapore roads!

Sunrise @ ECP

Kite Flying @ ECP

Its been awhile since I flied kites. I remember the days when I was younger, say primary school age, I flew kites at the back of my old home at Bedok. I decided to relive those days with Emily, Yuhong and Fiona... Happy faces; Happy days.
I find this shot artistic.
This one is well taken. Credit to Fiona.
This is Fiona.
This is Yuhong, giving a go for a professional photoshoot.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Day at Pasir Ris Farmway... back to kampong...

KC Mak managed to persuade me to forgo 'comfort-time' at home to spend a day at the Pasir Ris Farmway to look at animals... and I have photos to 'prove animals': This dog is HUGE. It is the size of a small horse. It does not look big in this photo. If you dare to see it in real person, you will freak out when it walks to you!
Don't you just wish that this tank was yours to keep? Along with the arowanas of course.
We went feeding fishes. $1 for a packet of fish food. We fed "the world's largest freshwater fish". Imagine a fish the size of me. Yes, my size. Of course, I could not photograph it as it is submerged in the water. So I posted kois.
Yes. I fed this bird! Quack!
We visited dog-farms too. IT IS SO CUTE!

Happy Birthday Daniel! 14 August 2007

Birthday started with a present on my table. A watch that I like!
Dinner was a spectacular one at Jewel Box, Fort Canning with Emily.This was the view from our table.
Oh yah. Cable car ride. Who can forget that?
My G12's present to me. Tailored shirts!
Gift from my good friends from SMU. Thanks guys! Now you are really making me work out!Present from beloved! A spanking new Hi-Fi to complement my room!

Monday, August 13, 2007

happy birthday daniel.... when it reaches midnight.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Day @ Executive Golf Course

WooHOO!!!!!!!!!Today was my first day onto the green: Mandai Executive Golf Course. This was part of my golf lesson plan. Playing on the green is a whole new experience. The grass is different. The horizon is different.

My shots today was the worst in recent history. I cannot even launch the ball properly in the tee-off. Something is wrong with my swing and I intend to correct and train it in the coming weeks at the driving range. You bet I am going to practise HARD!

To cut the long story short:

  • Many of my shots ended up in the drain (consistently... and I am amazed at how consistent I really am at this)
  • One shot got caught in the trees and fell flat (wait, two to three shots i think)
  • Few shots went missing
  • Had 1 fantastic launch on a slope almost 45 degrees steep, right onto the putting green (even another golfer gave me a thumbs up!... felt encouraged)
  • 1 bunker (a trap with sands) shot, lovely scoop with sands flying in the air
  • Hell loads of FUN! and 100Plus!

Taking a shot with my golf Khaki...

Don't you just love the greenery?