Friday, June 01, 2007

Vesak day gave most of us a good rest. So, this morning (the day after Vesak Day of course), Davin and I went to the Marina Bay Golf Course ( for a morning at the Driving Range. This course is public so one can loosely assume the course to be 'less prestigious' than that of say, Raffles Country Club etc. However, do not be fooled. We spotted many fast and furious cars in the proximity. The picture below shows but one of the many luxurious cars. Porches, Minis, Mercs, BMWs, Chryslers and more. What is it telling us?

Either the rich are learning to embrace the general wealth status (think Merc driver trying to snap up discounted Textbooks for their children)... or the poor are getting richer (think the amount of Lexus and Merc you find at a typical HDB muti-storey carpark)... or we are all embracing cohesion regardless of wealth (you can forget about this... really)... or it is just a matter of 'I want to play here, the car is just a car.'

Anyway, Davin and I had a good time picking up the basics. I hit a few smooth and far shots. We even had lunch there at the Canopy Cafe (WARNING: Expensive). However, the view is good. The breeze is good. Fantastic way to relax if you have the time to.

CATERPILLAR ASIA called me in the middle of my swings. An Interview session has been arranged for next next week with 3 of their people. I better cut my hair and pump some iron (kidding). Remembered that their Marketing Rep program really allows one to learn alot. If I'm lucky I can get to travel I guess.

As many of you will realise, the weather today is cool, windy and pretty stormy. Caught a moment when the clouds looked really scary (See Below). And you are right, many of us will look forward to sleeping in the weather! Yay!
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