Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rountable Gather~!

Kermit is DEAD MEAT! As good as cooked for frog leg soup! I am so tired!!! Last night the Ah Sia federation got a boost of dry swimming at the president's pond. 5am!!!! What the!! And i was in class at 830am!!! I am really knock off!!! I am now chewing Skittles Sour Candies to keep me awake while typing this. After that will cook CQYD before sleeping. Tonight to go church again. God why must we go church so many times?

I appreciate Singapore Taxi Drivers are hardworking and help the economy. But I dun get it why they cannot tahan 3 to 5 seconds before a car moves off from red to green light? There in front of my was an poor lady in white hair driving a Starlet. After the red was green, she had a problem engaging the gear. I waited. With love. Only to be startled by the HORN! from a cab behind me. Why are they so like that? They are heartless creatures! Imagine if the cab was behind the lady, he would have caused her more panic. Alot of drivers are like that, no heart for others. They cannot even have some patience to let the pple in front clear. They only like to HORN HORN HORN!!!! Thats all they can do! Nothing else. Bloody toads. May your cab be filled with water and you drown when you are heartless toads! Bloody toads! When I become CEO of a cab company, my first move is to shut down the company. Toads!

Why are relationships always full of trouble? I do and do not appreciate I am single. But why are my friends around me all having relationship problems? Why are guys not loyal? What are GF not understanding? I know I am in no position to ask. But I do know I will try my best to be understanding and loyal. It is commitment you see. When you can forgive and see beyond the flaws, there is an angel in all of us! "ribit"... Kermit now is on a journey. A journey of discovery. Love is such a wonderful thing to embrace, and yet we treat it with fragile attention only. Why? Why can't you love for who he or she is? Why? "ribit"

Kermit is seeking. To be able to love himself. For it is the greatest gift of all.


Jiamei: Always ignore me on MSN... wth!
WL: Nice to talk to you recently!
Joan: I find you very tired these days. Pls take care ok? =)
Wanni: You are really great! I hope your troubles and decisions in life are handled well and that you will be happy still! *hugs*
AH SIA FEDERATION: On the agenda: 1) Gym 2) Tan ad swim 3) Cooking 4) Majong 5) Picanto, Kangoo and BMW 5 Series outing drive-out.

Roundtable Dismiss!!!! *Ribit*


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