Sunday, May 01, 2005

Frogs of the Kingdom Unite! It is time to 'ribit' again. Mating calls begin!

I gotta remind myself that school has started! I just cannot believe it why the heck Kermit is taking 3A during holidays when I can spend the time doing personal grooming for myself. Visit the pond and tan, excercise and carry on with the prey and predator thingy. *sigh* That is what you get for paying $600. To sacrifice your holidays for a summer term when in Singapore, summer is an all year thing.

Kermit and it's chicken fetish. Over the last few weeks, Kermit has the luxury of trying both the Salted Baked Chicken and the Emperor Chicken. It is both $16 and $10 respectively. I am getting a herbs overdose. Cannot 'ribit' anymore if I carry on like that.

Ah Sia Federation outings commences yesterday night. With the three directors having a deal of a time working out in the Bayshore Gym, looking down the array of beautiful people in the swimming pool and the luxury scenery. Frogs in the pond with waterfall is such a haven. With the waterfall doing massage on your hair and supposing to be the next alternative to Yun Nam haircare...hee.. What is most inspiring is when you see 3 male frogs attempting to cook up a supper. That is what i call unusual. Of course, we had the luxury of using the President's hometown. Situtated in the deep rainforest of Bedok, the cooking takes place while a pianist accompanies with soothing music in the backgoround. I must say the food was fantastic!!!!

3 Frogs attempted Pasir Ris Mangrove Walk! And DAMN the place was blocked of due to renovation. We captured some moments on the video tho... soon soon soon... we will be back.

I must say Kermit's left arm seems bigger than his right one! Yup, due to intense violin training for the upcoming SMU handover. I am really going bonkas! My arm is aching soooo much! How to jump around in the pond like that?! =( And also I have to play all the flat notes.... what the heck!!!! Asking a grade 1 violinist to play thaT?!?!?! ARGH!!!! kill me and make frog soup! *GGrrrrr*

Ok pictures will be up soon! Stay tuned!!!!

Frogs of the kingdom unite! and Dismiss!!!


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