Monday, April 25, 2005

I guess I still have some life bah?

1) Chalet. Sleep mostly and no majong. no BBq.
2) Gym and swimming and tanning.
3) Violin rehearsals.
4) church.

Interesting isn't it? In a frog's world this is all you can do for the holidays.

Oh yah, had supper with James and Jiamei last night. ..At the same place, Ben and Shujun was there, so was my brother. Heh. What coincidence!!!Saw their Lexus turn into East Coast Park....hehehehehe. REally getting bored nowadays. The toad kingdom is shrinking! Also met Alvin, Jane and Ken to play pool at ECP. Until 4 or 5 am sia. Then wake at 830am to fetch brother to school ... haha!

Oh yes, top up fuel and send little red for car wash! $6... the price to pay for being lazy. But I at home still shine the bumper and the tyres myself. I am a hardworking boy. Wanted to wash dad's car but he drove it out. I bought an air fresherner for dad... not yet passed to him. Gonna surprise him that a 23 yr old son can still be so sweet to his dad! I wonder when I will have a chance to drive the Camry...hehehehe.... !!!let me work from the air freshener...

"Hey dad, I want to see if your car smells nice....."...then drive it off... Muhahaahhhhaahhh.. or this. " Hey dad, I want to see if your Cd player works...."... "Hey dad, need me to top up your fuel?...."..."Dad want to wash car"...Heheheheh.....*so evil*

Joan will be in the same CB class as me man. Alvin and Jane also.

Waiting for my friends to go gym and swimming now..... i think Kermit sign off liao....damn bored!

Roundtable Dismissed! Dividend annoucements: A hug for every 5 shares of the frog kingdom.


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