Friday, April 22, 2005

Roundtable Gather.

Kermit's burned! His latest stint at the swimming pool below his cave was truely awesome. Great sun and weather. The pool was filled with beautiful people and children. Kermit dozed off a few times on the chair. The banana boat thingy kept his life at bay! Oh boy he had his lunch by the poolside! How wonderful! ----> Rice with smoked pork and chicken drumlets. And fruit and vegetable juice.

I just went to Jiamei's Blog. She mentioned in her posting that she was tending to feel that her friends will become focused in their new journey and soon, she will have no friends once she is back in school. I began to reflect about it. I think it is so true. I experienced this all my life. Even though my marketing group was really fun, I cannot help but feel that the same will happen. Manjie, Winlin, Joan and Jiamei would have moved on in life with their new found love and whatever. And as crude as it sounds, we will maybe just say hi and bye in school next time. No one is to be blamed. This topic is so bloody depressing I am not wasting anymore time talking about it.

Kermit's holiday stint. Ever since holidays started. I had not found anything really meaningful to do. Fetching grandma to market. Church band rehearsals. The usual thing. Had some really great outing with my OBS group though. Our latest SENTOSA trip went bust and I really dunno what the reason was. TERM 3A is starting and I cannot help but feel that this SMU life will keep on going and going. I dunno when I want my internship to be done. I just do not feel good enough for it yet. I do not know what I really want to do in life yet.

Music is just so powerful yah? Everytime I listen to music, I realise how much it can affect my emotion and thoughts. Recently some really nice music evoked me to think about the past few months. The happenings in my life. All the hopes, the rush, the attempts, the efforts, the stress, the race, the exams, the friends, the relationships, the state of my pathetic attempt to find significance in myself or others. Boy sometime I feel so damned about pathethic self-pity because no one in the world gives a shoots about how you are. They just go on with life happily and as usual. you think they will be concerned about you? Oh yah... thanks for your concern. *pui*.... As far as I know, Kermit will rise above himself. Cmmon, away with how much he can compare with the other toads out there giving mating calls, Kermit's aura is of a certain kind that those who can appreciate will be blessed by it. Testimonies had been given by how much other frogs and animals had been blessed by Kermit. They are not very great things, but at least when Kermit passes away, the animal kingdom is left with a legacy. A legacy of how much Kermit had been a blessing to those around him. So Kermit will move on and live with confidence. Afterall, living for yourself is living for others. Living for others in not living for yourself.

Kermit is playing Drums! oh yes I said before. Kermit is playing for extreme teens church. Boy is playing hillsongs drum real cool. BOH and Kenny on electric guitars. JM on bass. I just feel we are another band! so energy filled!

Enough for today. These are the notes for some of the people if they even come to my blog nowadays now that most of all people had passed on with their journeys...

Jiamei: Please take good care of your throat.
Ben: you owe me $300!!!!! heh!!!
Fiona, Alvin, Jane, Ken: Better gimme an explanation why the Sentosa trip was cancelled.
Phebe: Thanks for being so nice.

Rountable Dismissed


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Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
- Mark Twain -

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