Sunday, April 24, 2005

Roundtable Gather

Top MSN Nicks of the Day:
ђęηž: bigger boobs & sharper nose? Let's beat the odds together!

Overdose of Aliens!!! Aliens had always been my favourite show!! I will follow each series with egerness!! Few days back I was watching AVP DVD at Ben's house, the next day, I was glued to channel 5 when they showed Alien 3. Exciting man. Look at those serpents and how they devour humans. The acid blood and their saliva.... wonderful! you know Joan messaged me on MSN but I was away on the TV...?? Shit! I hate it when I miss crucial events! sigh....

Little Red has been violated! I am just wondering why people would just scratch my entire driver's door and leave such awful marks! no matter how big or small, I am just irritated at the perpetual nincumpoop! Do they have no sense of responsibility for avoiding pple's property? Kermit nv forgets to practise care with other people stuffs.. but some toads out there just like to walk and leave their love bite on people's car!! Lucky this is a Kangoo... if it was my Camry I would have spat on you! And poison you with lard!

Kermit made his debut!! Yup, on the drums!! I had such a awesome time worshipping on the drums, with some of the best musicians in FCBC: Ben, Kenny and Junming. I feel so Hillsongs!!! Powerful songs and the drums is just so nice to wack!!! No pictures though... sigh... Sara forgot to take pictures... she was so into worshipping!..haha...good good!!!! Amen! I believed we blessed the congregation today... even though it was a small teens church! I am looking forward to being a drummer in FCBC real soon!

Phebe gave Kermit CD!!!! It is the Hillsongs United LOOK TO YOU CD!!!! Woohoooo!!!! Yay!!! Thanks gal! You are just so sweet la you know? Because of this, I am going to be more strict on your piano playing PLUS the way you use the synth!!! Heee.. kidding.... I am just gonna be super strict.. tats all.

Kermit is bored! Yes I am. So much so that I drove to the beach alone. And sat there for awhile and found it meaningless and drove back home again. I dunno why man. I feel I want to do something, but just dunno what to do. 3A is starting and also the violin rehearsals. I just feel so.... nvm. Kermit refrains from such talks!

Girls can really build or destroy a guy's heart. I think males are very easily captured by females. I find that sometime females are so empowered that they can motivate a guy so much. And also can destroy him! Why is this so? I have such experience too. None good though. My friend just said his gf is gonna break up with him. It all started when he called her too early to wake her up. And then it goes on the breaking up excuses. But just heard from him it is ok liao. Thank God. You see. Kermit should be the very submissive to the lady queen kind. But not to the extent where he is useless la. So I think kermit will kena such events with most probability.

Kind of female frogs Kermit likes to meet: Those that are not impressed with his piano skills. Not impressed with his brown eyes (noticed I nv say looks, cos i dun have it...heh). Not impressed with the amount of cars the family has. The houses we have. Not impressed with the fact that he is abit dense (as mentioned by Shujun, but i still dunno what it means!). Not impressed by his art. Not impressed with his tidy room...heh!! Not impressed with that he is such a nice guy..hahahaha.... not this not that... ok the list goes on and on!!!!... BUT impressed with him for who he is. Cool!!!! like that, all things should go pretty well. Nothing much I can offer... only a very faithful froggy.... yum!

I think less and less people are coming to my blog. Maybe the entries are boring. But hey, this is my rant. So I should be who I am for myself and not for others right? However, Kermit really appreciates pls tag. But dun be too funny to use other characters instead of yourself.... or even worse impersonate others... just be frank ok? Frogs are naive creatures...

OK the Lucky ones chosen by Kermit to comment a little, if they even come here... duh!------->
BOH: Your worship leading rocks... keep it up!
Peeps: Thanks for the CD
Jiamei: PLEASE continue to take care of yr health. Work start liao right? Remember our dinner! I think you dun come here liao bah?
WL: I dunno but I just thought of you. But I do not think you come here anymore liao...
Joan: :) :) :) :) :) ok i am mad!!!! But I also do not think you come here anymore...
Jo: Thanks for being the only one who really talks to me online and ask about me.. although I do not talk much sense.. I never take your efforts for granted. You are such a loving God-fearing sister. I see God in you. Really. =)
Kenny: Great to know you brother. Your guitar rocks and I really dun want you to leave Kyros!... Hope u and yr gf are on good terms now yah?
LalalaL: Your wallet still in my car!!!!!
Jesus: I feel very wasted and in utter darkness. Pls save me from the pit. Restore me unto your glory. PLEASE!

Roundtable Dismiss


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