Thursday, April 28, 2005

At Last!!

End of first week of lesson. Consumer Behaviour is really hard to grasp the theory. Sigh. The Prof speaks a little fast but he seems a nice person. Got to start on project and all already soon. Heh Joan is in my project group. There is alot to do for a 4 weeks crash course. Get ready to really crash around! Heh!!! And Jane is thinking of dropping the course!!!! Jane is you are reading this... you gonna break all our hearts if you drop ok?

I got hummed!!!! Yes! By Fiona's Golden Retriever! about 4 times!!!!!The dog is huge and cute. Very nice and fury. Oh yes it loves me whenever I stroke him. We took some pictures together. *Fiona is you seeing this! Send me the pics can? Thanks!* So guys, look out for more pics of the doggie and me!

SORRY today no mood to blog!!!

BYE BYE!!!!!


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