Tuesday, July 19, 2005

18 July 2005, a day where a group of friends gathered and celebrated a wonderful day overseas! They are Darnie, BOH, Shujun, Jiaxiang and Joshua. Packed nicely into a Kangoo Van, they sped and disregarded the Singapore law of 70Km/h just like any singaporeans. The rainy and cloudy atmosphere dampened no spirits.

Reaching the Checkpoint they parked because Malaysia allowed no van unless special permit. We walked through the tunnels of time as you can see in the picture here. We had fun joking about how Ben might just sprained his back again. Woohoo!!! and alas, we saw Ben doing a dance here and there, no shame. =)

As we walked into the JB environment, it all looked so different from homeland Singapore. The traffic was changed, the buildings changed, the people changed, the PRICE changed! Scooters every where and there were some pretty buildings as well. It was so beautiful in its own sense! I felt so light and free from the heavyness back in Singapore. Some how it felt just different. The mood was different. Joshua was snapping with his thousand dollars camera while i snapped with this free one!

As the group of 5 Singaporeans make their way into this land of delight, nothing stops them as they headed towards FOOD! Walking through the different stores the group decided to practise wisdom! - TO EAT ENOUGH SO THAT WE CAN STILL EAT LATER ON! Seafood is really our main purpose you see. CRABS, FISH.... argh!%$#^

What else to order than the famous MALAYSIAN AUTHENTHIC MSG LOADED RUMLY BURGER!!!!! All of us ordered our share of burger and chose those that fit our wants! As for me, Darnie ordered a SPECIAL DOUBLE PLATTY BEEF WITH EGG!!! It cost me just 3.50RM and that is like how cheap la!!! As I tried to sink my teeth into the burger, it was crying out DUN EAT ME PLEASE!!! But I had paid for it to be eaten, of not it will be such a waste right? The height of the burger is larger than my mouth but nonetheless I gobbled it up in minutes!!!! Fierce man!!! Of course, Ben do not miss a cup of traditional Teh Haliah Ultimate!!!

After a short makan, we decided to go shopping! We did not really buy much. We were on budget anyway. We literally treat it as a walk to digest our foods so as to eat more! So there we were, walking and walking! In the pic, both Ben and Shujun unashamely marched like little soilders in the mall! And therefore here I am unashamely making fun of this candid pic! Muahahahah!!!!!

Soon we were on our way to this Pasar Malam that had everything! Enjoy the pics!

They sold almost everything. Vegetables, fruits, hardware, shoes, foods and even fishes!! This is almost awesome! The most wonderful delight is almost all the foodstalls!!!

Ok soon we reached our destination and main objectives!! SEAFOOD!!!! We had Pepper crab and chilli crabs, Oat sotong, Veg and CatFish and topped with fresh fruit juice which had plumps added to it! IT TASTES AWESOME!

Total Cost for the dinner amounted to $160RM which is really a pretty good deal. Well as the ending goes, we were tired and went home to sleep. Less a Darnie staying till now which is 3.12am to blog so that you readers can be entertained for these few minutes. So, please tag or message me to make me feel loved! Anything to say? MSN me or email me! =) Till then, a great trip ahead for all! I will most love to go into JB for another makan trip with you guys! Love ya!!!!

Internal Joke Alert: Ramly Platty -> Ramly Panty =P


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hey! i want to go Malaysia too... hmm.. looks so fun.. and i wanna hang out w Jiz Xiang.. beem long since i was went supper w him....

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