Monday, November 21, 2005

3 tiered keyboards, and a 6 second disaster.

Hi. This is my beloved 3 tiered keyboard. Yah, I am 1 man orchestra for the theatre production RAMAYANA. Doing this stunt is not going to get me a good grade since it is a overall grade for the class. Very challenging to do live music for a production. Took me weeks! Nvm la, I am doing something I like. I will do it for CASH if anyone wants my amatuerish input. Stageit pls stay away from me ok? unless u can assure me cash or a grade. if not, nah!

I wanna thank my buddies in Studio Comm who always made sure the keyboards are set up nicely.

Anyway this class has created a 6-second disaster for me. It ruined me. Top to bottom. I shall not dwell on it anymore. I rest my case.


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