Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas 2005 @ EXPO Hall 10 with the Worship Team

What other ways can you spend Christmas 2006? I spent mine at MAX PAVILLION Expo Hall 10. Great that our service falls on Christmas Day! It was a great time of celebration and also having the Word of God delivered from Ps Nina herself! Awesome!!! Here are pics of our worship team!

Ben and Kenny looking good on those guitars! Can you spot me? My piano went faulty half way and I decided to play the sliegh bells! Wheeeeeee...

I've always loved the choir and vocals! They are truely responsible for the stage presence! They give the place so much energy!

Kenny doing some hand thing! Punching air? I think I was talking to Ben. Was I?
Stage looks great #1
Stage looks great #2
Stage looks great #3


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