Sunday, October 15, 2006


Barnabas Leader caught in the act!
Sources released the news that 2 Barnabas Club leaders were caught sleeping during a small group session today. Daniel and Joshua are both leaders of primary 5 childrens. When the third leader was leading the session, the duo dozed off in the middle of the meeting, creating much peace in the group. "I am really tired," said Daniel, who had a very late night prior. Nontheless, the duo confessed that they should have had an earlier night, so as to give the kids the best. Together, the 3 leaders are well loved by the kids and had been making an impact in their lives.

Worship Team goes into Emergency mode
The Faith Community Baptist Church youth service saw a tense moment when the bass went missing the moment the praise and worship started. Apparently, a kick detached the bass cable from the main system and no one noticed it. Keyboardist Daniel said, "I was so worried that I used the keyboard to play the bass sound." Nonetheless, the church worshipped in spirit and in truth. It was a great learning experience for the worship team, that despite technical problems, nothing is too great for God. Eventually, the problem was fixed. The service ended with a resounding praise as the church sang to 'Majesty'.

Emily meets Daniel
They known each other only for weeks. Being in the same school does not mean they have much opportunities to see each other face to face. However, after the youth service, Emily managed to find Darnie, and had a enjoyable chat at the church's cafe. Darnie introduced the G12 members to Emily. "It is really different seeing one another face to face," said Darnie, "and I really treasure the opportunity. She has been of great encouragement to me on MSN and through SMS, and nothing beats sitting down with a friend face to face over coffee." Friends of Darnie mention that Darnie is more of a hermit, preferring not to mingle with people and making new friends. "He does not have a life," said Benster, his cell leader, "I often tell him that he should be more confident and have a life. Even going to Orchard Road means having a life and he does not really have a life." Shujun, his friend since TPJC mentions, "Darnie can be pretty dense... especially when it comes to girls. We had to bring him shopping simply because he does not know how to. He gets lost in Orchard Road." When asked to comment, Darnie replied, "I am just being me, but I am glad I had friends who cared for me and accept me for who I am. Deep down, I really appreciate when people ask me to join them for activities. I am alone but not lonely, but at times I am not too sure about the latter."

Departed 13.10.2006
Deeply missed by all
You've been a great Hamster, bringing joy to the family.
We will remember you always.


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