Friday, June 01, 2007

Today, 1 June 2007, marks the day I complete Al Ries and Laura Ries' The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR.

How it faired according to me? : Hell of a read. Go buy it. Costs around $30.

My take away after reading this book: My eyes open to a new realm of understanding. The lies of advertising agencies and their quest for brand building (I meant using animals to create 'creative' campaigns that shake the nations but not sales). I now understand how the new economy of today (think blog etc.) is shifting power over to everyone else other than the company (or the big advertising firms), and therefore the need to embrace PR to help build a brand (now I am talking).

Advertising still has its role. It is to defend the brand. (Too bad, most advertising firms see defending a brand as not being 'creative' (whatever it means), as well as a treat to its account management and its award winning capability). This book says Advertising is to advertise what the brand already is (what the brand is after a successful PR had built it into a successful brand) and to defend it, to promote what 'already is'. However, most advertising firms say advertising is to (use animals to say how great a product really is and to capture by shock and awe). They say the best ads will win awards. However, they never say the cute little beaver never really made people want to drink the beer. Wow.. insight!

Ok. Buy this book. It is easy to read and will certainly open up a closed mind that you and I already have. Go. Pick up your butt and walk into that bookstore and splurge on this book.

Oh yes.
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