Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Issue #1:
More and more people are neglecting their blogs. Is it holidays and no one blogs and when school start people blog in lesson? Mind boggling! I want people to read my blog!

Issue #2:
I realised how little money I had saved. I had squandered on food and food and food and some violin strings and some health products and some hair care products and many presents!!!! I am starting to hate birthdays now. For my birthday, dun buy me presents, just be with me and make me feel loved!

Issue #3:
I feel so lost and terrible inside me. The same old feeling, over and over again. And bernice gave me a scholding!

Issue #4:
I wished my parents quit everything they do now, and sit at home recieving rents of tens of thousand than wasting it away and getting into debt. I wished they spent it on more meaningful stuffs like a mercedes for me.

Issue #5:
Ken and Alvin and I going out now. Ken is fetching us. These are the buddies I have in SMU to lean on for brotherhood.

Issue #6:
Relationship problems are such a heartache. You know what I mean. Girls.


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