Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The reason why I post is that I dun want to be like all my other friends who had neglected their blogs. Some even shut it down. I am not really in a mood to blog and there is nothing interesting to blog either. But I just had to blog for the sake of blogging. I hope I make it into some newspaper or something. Wahahaha!!!!

I woke today and went to the pool alone. Swam and sun tanned abit. Very tranquile and nice. Feels like I am at a resort everyday at my doorstep. Having westerners in the environment made it feel just soo good. I feel like I am in the States or something. Wow!

I got an A for Consumer Behaviour. Thank Jesus for providing me that. I am gonna miss my friends. I will miss Prof Rama too. Sigh.

As I look down upon the entire bedok estate, it is being covered slowly by dark and big clouds. Goonna rain soon.

I feel in a lost manz.

Proton had just amazed me.


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