Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Family Update - See to know me more and my family

I just checked my Grandma's glucose level. it is 14.6 which is BAD BAD BAD!!!! She looked weak and pale... must be not feeling well. Oh well, gotta watch diet and maybe excercise more...

SMS Update:

Dad: Kango lao liau. Need svc ok!
Kermit: How much?
Dad: Already 5150 km
Kermit: How much to service?
Dad: New car hve 3time free svc, but jus pay 4lablour my b less than $50
Kermit: Wa Shiok
Dad: Like my cammry.i only pay $29
Kermit: You drive so much?
Dad: Cammry something different! 1st svc @ 1000km
Kermit: I see!

Daddy never fails to impress me with his sms messages. Tinted with humor and plenty of errors... muhahahahha!!!

Recently composed a song for my mother's choir. Think i impressed her totally. Call it scoring points! But I still dun get to drive the camry leh...muhahahahahah!!!!

Saw a catalouge for some terrace housing. Mother told me she bought a unit liao! I was like WTH!!!!! Actually she was trying to fool me. She mentioned no money. Hahahah. Turns out it might just be some documents because my dad also do housing stuff..heehee

My bro has been coming home late. Mother is not impressed!...hahahahaha. But i find it necessary if he needs to find a partner in life. You see, when u start work it is very hard to find a GF. If u do it in school it is ok and can be very nice. If you do it at work, they call is SEXUAL HARRASMENT! WTH~~~~!!!! Thus, kudos to my brother, who have been putting in effort. He mentioned that it is 'near'.

Freaking leaves me the last of the 4 brothers to have a gf. Think time is bad. I only know enough girls to count with my fingers what do you expect me to do? I dun club, I dun mix arnd much even in church. All I do is play my piano.... somekind of dream eh? But then, ask myself.... why do I find a partner for? I want a partner? I need a partner? I found my partner? God chose the partner?...and the list goes on..... I got no comments.... But I treasure all who comes in my path.... =) till thant spark finally bursts into flames.... i dunno when or will it happen...


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