Friday, May 13, 2005

I was with her at the beach. The breeze blew at our face. She spoke of her past and reminded me of mine. Then I was stuck. I thought about the past and could not understand why. And it made me just want the truth. I really dun want to be in the unknown anymore. Deep in my heart, I have known that before the answer was given to me. It made the hand of the clock tick on. It will have to tick on. Not doing so, it will be deemed useless and time will not wait for it. Silly as it may be, the hand sleeps because he thought the dream that he was living in might come true. But as time passed by without him catching up, the dream shakes as it was trampled upon and beaten. Till this very moment, the hand struggled to tick on. What if it was right to stay there? But what if it should have ticked on? Because time should have never stopped.

Until now, joy is in the dream, it is in stopping and not wanting to move. It is so uncertain now. So uncertain. So uncertain it hurts!


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