Thursday, May 05, 2005

'Ribit' Roundtable Gather once more!

Did you all read the KERMIT CHRONICLES? Oh yah, it was mentioned that Kermit had $100 Taka Voucher last time. And he spent it all!!! Here is the list!~

1) OP Beach Shorts
2) OP Berms
3) Hush Puppies Shirt

I wore the shirt today. Oh boy Kermit looks really good in it. Kermit fall in love with this shirt immediately. Too bad other designs happen to have slightly different cuts, if not I will buy the whole series!!! The cutting for this one is really fantastic! 'Ribit'. The beach shorts was great too, but not the wearer... muhahhaahha!!! Sigh, need more muscles, meat, fats and some tan. Blah... ain't gonna rant about these anymore...!!! 'Ribit'

Kermit played piano today! Supposed to meet Joan for drinks. But in the end we did not drink anything at all! We were stuck in the Lounge playing piano and drums. Joan observed Kermit as he played. And Kermit observed Joan as she played. Boy her playing was just soothing and nice. It really mesmerised me!!!! To add to that, Joan really has such a wonderful voice. It really melts me, as she sang with so much passion, either accompanied by Kermit or by her own playing. I wished I had a great voice too. For now, lemmi stick to piano yah? Joan can play the drums too. Most girls would be lost behind a drum set, but joan could play the basic already. Is this not wonderful? A beautiful lady in SMU who can play least basic drums. That is so talented man. She can dance too. I have seen before. So graceful.

Kermit learns to go Suntec from SMU. But sad to say, I have slightly forgotten how already. I have to do it several times if I really wanna know how the route works. Oh yah man. Sent joan to Suntec at around 0530pm. It seems her church gives out tickets for Bible Study Service because of the over demand in attendance. The actual thing is 0730pm!! Wow!!!.. I wished I see this in FCBC too! People yearning and hunger to enter into the temple of God as one family in the church. Is that not wonderful?? And we had a great time sharing about our dreams, our ministry in church and really wonderful stuffs. It seems we are always so excited talking about God and ministry everytime we meet.

Kermit is tired! Dunno why these days, Kermit has lost his energy and all. If cooked for frog leg soup. It wun taste nice i think!

Ok I think I had a great day actually! =P

Roundtable Dismiss!


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