Friday, May 20, 2005

My Brother is celebrating his BIRTHDAY!!!! As his younger brother, I had the duty to follow my maid and grandma to shop for his BBQ party tomorrow at our place! He is turning 24 or 25. Not very sure. He is 1 yr older than me. I dunno I am 23 or 34.

He is inviting all his female collegues from HSBC!!!! But the sad thing is I will be in church. The good thing is those gals are all 18 to 23 yrs kind I think. I feel bad I cannot be around to see my future sis in law again. I wish him all the best. Anyway, my brother SUCKS at food stuff. I doubt he can prepare food or handle the bbq. Muhahahahahahha!!!! I think we should station our maid or some family members around to keep order while he network with gals. Here is my wish for him...

" That Hao will manage to find a sweet Christian gal, and introduce to me..."
" That Hao will earn enough money to pay me back what he owe me...."
" That Hao will earn enough to buy his EVO 9 before the age of 30..."
" That Hao will grow in wisdom, club less, spend more time with family and find a good gal to settle down with..."
" That Hao will be happy in all that he does..."
" That Hao finds God and Jesus..."
" That Hao will REALLY buy the EVO9 to share with me..."

Damn I hope he does not forget all those favors I did buy fetching him.... HEee....just borrow the EVO9 awhile!!...

Was chatting with my maid and grandma in the car. And then she was comparing who amogst the 4 brothers, is the safest. After some discussion.... here is the rankings my ah ma came with...

In order of safest:

1) Jet
2) Kermit
3) Hao
4) Khang

Eh khang, the reason why u ranked last is because they were complaining that your turning is super fast... Apparantly you mistook the Kangaroo as a Larmboginie. Muhahahhah!!!!!


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