Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bye TC and TCT

It will be a sad thing for most of us musicians and vocalists over in Faith Community Baptist Church. At least for me. Today will mark my last day playing at these 2 wonderful centres. Next week is the last time any one of us will play, but I will not be because of my exams. Thus, today really is my LAST time playing. I will soon be on a big platform in EXPO Max Pavilion. The feeling will be different. But the move of God will be even greater. Christmas is coming. I am beginning to feel the mood. I wish to sit with a few good friends over in Country Manna celebrating a good time together over wine and chicken. For now, I am feeling the cold wind blowing in, as I look over a peaceful night estate. Peace.


Blogger BensterĀ® said...

Don't go country manna lah. We have DEEP FRIED DE KAH at Werner's Oven ok??? ONZ???

5:18 AM  

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