Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Celebration at Expo 1/1/2006

1,2, do the kung-fu! 3,4, rock the Expo! and the count down to Extra-Ordinary Possibilities for FCBC Youth Net kicked off with pyro-fireworkz to an all high-decibel praise and worship. This year of CELEBRATION, we are also believing God for very extra-ordinary things! Pastor Eugene and Ps Julie rode into the EXPO hall in a stunning Motor Bike in leather jacket!!! Woohoooo!!! Also, thank God for the new lives into the Kingdom of God!!! When it happens to me, I will be sure to update here.

The praise and worship set for this event is large but all glory to God. For everything done, every sweat, every second and every effort is done unto Jesus whom all glory and honor goes to him! Amen! I love working with you guys serving as servants of the Lord to lead the family into celebration!

1) Me - Keys
2) Peeps - Keys
3) Benster - Guit
4) Kenny - Guit
5) Wayne - Bass
6) Chris - Drums
7) All Worship Leaders & Vocals
8) Choir - My Favourite
9) Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and GOD - Audience

Anyway some simple pics of today!

Wah, I am very tempted to invest in a Ultimate Stand to hoist up the keys so i can jump. I wanna join my tribe to be dancing warriors! Like Ps William said: "Is there not a reason to dance?"


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