Friday, June 10, 2005

This is Weird. Kermit has been gyming in the forest for quite a few session. But where is the buldge? And where is the right buldge at the right place?... Hmmmm. Also the sun in the rain forest had been good. But the bloody frog is still fair!!!!! Does the heavens really play on us? ARGH!!!

Drumming has never been funner. Playing drums for the Congre Closing Ceremony on Sunday. No messing up please! Not with Ben on guitar and Nigel on bass!! Whoo!

Should a guy fall for gals who like cars? They think about cars, pedicure and stuffs. Very materialistic kind. Well, I would definately not. I would kick them out. I prefer them thinking about how to spend our next date in nice places. Or how to save money and take things simple. If a girl complains that I drive a Kangaroo, I would spit her out of my mouth and send her to @#$$@#%#$... Guys you got to be firm on this.

Feel like getting a violin. anyone want to buy my beginner violin for a 2nd hand price of $100? fixed better strings...expensive!!!!

I lurve LOST the show on Channel 5. What do you think the monster was?... is there really a monster ?!?!?!!?!??? What is this show all about?....HHmmm

I like what my G12 leader said to me: ... 'Why be sad over a beef ball when God has a steak for you?' not bad right?... hahaha

I remembered this wonderful dream I had about her. it was so real. it was so happy. it was so romantic. it was just so......

"War of the Worlds", the show I will watch next! I am booking beautiful people to watch with me. Pple staying near me gets a ride...muahahah... fill in your names.


  1. Males need not apply
  2. 2 years experience an advantage
  3. Singles an added advantage
  4. Resumes and CVs not needed, photos welcomed!

wahahahahah!!!!! my blog is sooo interesting! (the truth effect)


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