Thursday, July 21, 2005


I handed my tag over to him. *peep* and the computer prints out a slip. "Try harder next time", said the innocent looking NSF in the counter. He grinned abit. Because I am too fit to fail the last station. Yes you are right. I FAILED MY IPPT for the first time since I Ord-ed. He looked in shock too as he handed me the slip of 'fate'. I looked at it already knowing what was in it for me. I did well but failed miserably for the 2.4KM run. I already know why I kena this kind of mess. I have gymed often, but nv engaged in long distance running. Stamina was weak like jelly.

I was the first in line when the run started but I was the last when the run ended. I am really ashamed of myself. I can imagine all the older CAT Y and Z pple looking at me and saying, "Wah, this leng zai can run or not? Why so slow like turtle one?" Well, it is over. It stamps FAIL on the slip and ends of saying Try harder next time.....

Yup, slow like a snail! There was this guy beside me who talked to me. "Brudder how dod you do?" and I replied him saying I failed my running and it was not worth it. He failed his SBJ and passed the rest. So I think on his side it is even more sad. Just jumping and he failed just because of that. Not worth it. For me, I could have falled out during the last lap but i ran on anyway and the PTI said good try. Well I am proud of myself in some sense.

I sat in my Kangoo with the a/c at full blast and sat in shock inside the carpark for 15minutes. I had a plitting headache. And I tell muself I gonna run abit more and faster and prepare for the next test. In BMT, we took IPPT every week!! So what am I scared of?

I may go take the IPPT in SAFRA, meaning no money reward but I will see how la. $100 is worth alot. Imagine all the flowers you can buy for the girl u like. Maybe some jewellery.

Sigh, gonna start running. Join me at ECP or the gym? Comments or some remaks? MSN or Tag me or email me at



Blogger bYzAnT|N3 said...

Haha.. you are such an express(o). A bit Kwa Zhang got a got?

9:20 AM  
Blogger bYzAnT|N3 said...

On a second thought, you might be a running contender as a xiaxue.blogspot successor since her hacking saga yesterday. Jia you ba. (heheehh)

9:22 AM  

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