Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shame on me! My blog readers are dissapointed that I am laying low for so long!

1) SMU life is tougher!
2) Walking in SMU is tougher!
3) blah blah........

I need help. I need help to fight thinning hair and "receading" hairline. I dunno how to spell, so if Kenny you want to shoot... carry on. SHOOT! If there is a low cost confirm grow hair remedy and you can tell me, I promise to play the C#b5thAug9thDim3rd chord for you on the piano. I promise it will change your life and bring the .......

Daniel. Singing off...


Blogger BensterĀ® said...

It's RECEDING hairline.

And it's SIGNING off, not SINGING off. Lalalalalala :D

3:47 AM  

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