Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ever felt:
  1. You could be that person?
  2. You could be that successful?
  3. You could have that courage to go to her?
  4. You could have that talent?
  5. You could stall time? or make it go backward?
  6. You could just settle and not worry?
  7. You could .....

Life is a theatre. Life is as it is painted throught the canvas of your eyes. Life is but a presentation of everyday mundanity to be observed by someone else. Because everything you wished for in life, is so that someone else might observe through their canvas of their eyes or the very least, your own. Society is but a self reinforcing cycle that transforms theatre into a embodied environment so that artistes can be kept in their world of arts. Should this loop pays off, the objects of the canvas could seek to find solace in its own frame, being truely unaware that it was a creation of its own imagination, or I so called theatre works. Much of the systems that was beautifully painted or crafted have made it to the top galleries of our imagination.

Remember, the world is but a musical so colourfully painted and brought to life through our own desire to encapsule oursleves in a framed dimension. You might be confortable in the colours and sounds, the feelings and all are yet to be know to be truth or theatre itself. The word of a greater satisfaction to break out of this jail seems unconventional but please do not detract from the fact that it in itself can be yet another object being painted. Yes, it is another painting, or musical...


Blogger bYzAnT|N3 said...

... and the moments are always shortlived, always.

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