Sunday, April 02, 2006


My favourite Chris the drummer left for Hawaii and I was tasked to take over this exciting post of drummer for youth service.

Wish me groove this sunday at MAx Pavillion!... wahahahhahaahha.


Blogger Chris said...

hey bro.. you did fab today!!! hahaha.. :) forget about whatever mistakes.. because ultimately, I'm very sure God was pleased!!! keep it up man!!!

chris fun

12:03 AM  
Blogger edingals4715975133 said...

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Blogger bYzAnT|N3 said...

oh man, looks like u r plagued with spam lo... u might want to change your comments settings under your blog settings to make sure it verifies your comment contributers. If not, you get to see more kettles calling more potty black like the one above.

WOw.. last time u played the keys, this time u played the drums, what about next time? saxaphone? haha... multi-gifted la you.


4:29 AM  

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