Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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What I experienced at this year’s G12 Conference
When I arrived for the International G12 Conference at The MAX Pavilion from school on Thursday night, I walked into the auditorium in awe. The presence of God resides when two or more are gathered, but this time, MAX Pavilion was packed to the brim! It was truly a magnificent sight, seeing literally thousands and thousands of people representing different churches, languages and nations worshipping the almighty God with one voice! Each praise and worship session throughout the conference was vibrant and intense!
Every G12 conference will speak about the same mechanism of fathering your 12. However, every G12 conference will see God ministering to His people in ways we cannot fathom as well. There is always something fresh and powerful that God wants to deliver to His mighty army through the speaker on the platform.
I was particularly joyful over the fact that Pastor Claudia Castellanos was voted as a Senator of Columbia. God had truly given her a cutting-edge ministry, a platform where God can use her to claim the nation for Christ. As she shared about her ordeals during her campaign, I could truly see how her dependence on God had allowed her to overcome fear and turn it into victory by the power of the blood of Jesus.
I’ve learnt from this conference how powerful it is when we confess with our mouth what the blood of Jesus had done in our lives. For too long, I had forgotten how important it is to confess the gospel of Jesus Christ, which was exactly what satan had wished for me to do! Now, through the justification of Jesus’ blood, I know every time when I confess the power of his blood, the whole of universe hears this confession and the evil one looses victory over my life. Amen to that!
It is always a joy when I see Pastor Khong gather with his 12 sons in front of the church. Seeing the leadership of FCBC live the G12 Vision is such an encouragement for me.
“Vision without action is merely a dream Action without vision just passes the time Vision with action can change the world”
The Vision of G12 had changed FCBC tremendously. For me, it felt as though a church had transformed from organisation to home. I believe with all my heart that the G12 Vision will see FCBC rise up and take the nations for Jesus. This conference had imparted faith into me and also equipped me with tools to live this Vision. I am praying that God will grant me my 12 and my cutting-edge ministry so I can live what God had laid out for me.
On the closing night of the conference, I witnessed Pastor Cesar washing the feet of Pastor Khong and I was reminded of how Jesus, a Man with the highest authority, came onto earth not to be served, but to serve. This simple truth could not be demonstrated any better by what I had witnessed that night. I praise God for raising mighty servants of God that reflected Jesus in their lives.
I am truly proud and excited to be part of FCBC. I am looking forward to next year’s International G12 Conference and in the meantime, I know I have a whole new identity, destiny and ability to live an uncommon life for an uncommon dream – a dream to make a difference.
Written by: Daniel Lin, YouthNet Posted on: 24 March 06


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