Saturday, June 03, 2006

Meaningful post. I have blogged.

uI can't believe it. I went home, hoping for a refreshing shower and meal and sleep, but ended up locked out of the house. I do not have the keys, and my family went out. *bish*

So I walked alone to the bus stop and sat there. Bus 14 came and I boarded it. Decided to stop over at Katong Laksa. Ordered $4 laksa and $1.20 Lime Juice! $1.20!!!!!! *bish bish* it is just detergent and distilled water!

Finished and decided to walk into the $1/hr internet cafe. Furniture and computer sucks, environment sucks but at least they have POWERFUL fans here. That is why I am blogging now.

Alone and waiting to "Teck teck teck it all" to meet me at Yakun for a snack. Everytime I am alone by myself I will keep on thinking. There will be good things. There will be bad things. I have many unsatisfied arguments with my father, not my real father....about my life. I have asked Him to heal but I do not think He is doing it. Many years have come and have gone, but father has not answered or attended to it. I am at a lost tho.

This internet cafe is really cheap and good for passing time. I forsee next time I hate home so much I decided to go out, I can either go MPH to read books or come internet cafe to chat and surf. $1. But I wonder how much for those higher class cafe kind cost.


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