Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My New House!

At last, I have moved house, again. But this time round, everything seemed to be final. I can finally have my grand piano in the living room again.

BEST OF ALL, I have my OWN ROOM complete with my own ATTACHED TOILET. I decorated the room FROM START.

I painted the room with KIWIPPI color, giving it a more darker and cosier tone. The, it is the road to IKEA. I bought for myself the following:

1) Table
2) Chair
3) Bed Sheet
4) Pillows
5) Lights
6) Painting
7) Curtain Rail
8) Curtain (day and night)
8) Floor Lamp
9) Some toiletries

I did everything myself, of course with the help of my brother to help me set it up. I helped him too. I still got alot of stuff that need to be bought, like a bedside table, carpet, more toiletries, stationaries etc.

On advise from a friend, I shall post the photos. Anyway now i live in Simei.

Any comments? Heh...


Blogger Chris said...

hey .. your room looks nice! I particularly like the one with the bed and lighting.. heheh.. =P

11:43 PM  

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