Sunday, June 19, 2005

I really enjoyed myself playing for worship today. The theme of focus was technical excellence. I thought even with our mixed members, we did a really fantastic job technically. This is our set up:

1 X Keyboard
1 X Synth
2 X Electric Guit
1 X Acoustic Guit
1 X Bass
1 X Drummer

6 X vocalist

My friends sensed a breakthrough in our worship. Remember, I am not talking about the worship aspect as yet, we are concentrating on technical excellence. I sensed something different too. This week I really enjoyed myself and worship with galdness too. This is one great and worshipful band set up I am excited about. I hope to work with this band in future at Expo again!


I was watching Bubble Boy and I tot there is a great lesson to learn. Look at how this guy lived his life. HE was happy and enjoyed his life even tho he was in the bubble, unlike others. He did not complained and lived life as it is and enjoyed whatever was offered to him.

At the end of it, he actually did not have the sickness. Imagined if he had chose to waste his life away, he will be doing it and really wasting his life even tho his health was good. That is why, we MUST choose to embrace and live life with gladness and joy.



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