Saturday, January 14, 2006

Huh? You mean SOL2 is at Bukit Merah?

I have completed my application for the University Student Life Award. I better win this award and if not, I am boycotting anymore contributions to the school or shall I say SMU. If they do not honor my hard work all these while, I am taking their encouragement as puff and they will no longer see me leading musicians for events or anymore talent sucking from me. Heh. Time for Darnie to be tough!

I also submitted my Community Service report and all that I am left with really is to find an internship to do. Dear Lord, this matter please help me. Help me find a wonderful family to work with.

I came back from prayer meeting. It is always great to see people from my family gathered to intercede and pray. Today was wonderful as we prayed and link our hearts together. It is all worth it if it is for Jesus. Amen?

There is this rumor going around phebe. I shall disclose little by little. For now, if you see phebe, laugh at her..wahahha. =P ACtually I am happy for her la... after all, she is my disciple in keyboard afterall!

Fishing fishing fishing. When can I go for a wonderful fishing trip again?

Till then, fly me to the moon in a Rolls Royce Phantom.


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