Tuesday, April 11, 2006


If I have to be thankful to a person today, that person is CAMY. She is a 2nd year student from SMU. She plays the bass in FCBC and if I have a photo of her, I would post it here. Too bad I do not have it. Why do I want to be thankful to this girl I seldom mention about. Here it is....

Exam period had been crazy for all SMUians. Thanks to CAMY, I got hooked on some cartoons. Guess what, it is SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!! I never knew SBSP could be so addicting! I practically delayed all revision so that I can finish all the episodes. I did finish all and now I an yearning for more. CAMY told me that she does not have any more episodes and that broke me heart! CAMY U BROKE ME HEART!!! heh... =P

SBSP is a dedicated Krabbie Patty chef and his good friend is Squidward, who is the cashier and waiter. The boss is Krab (i think), a crab. They have a very stupid and whiny friend called (i dun know) who is a worm.

They all live in Bikini Bottom.

Ah... I miss SBSP!


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