Thursday, June 23, 2005

I want to own a chain of cafes myself. I think one of my most admirable idol is Cafe Cartel.

These are not just cafes. Older generation knows eating as making food and sell. Thats all. It stops there. Examples are like my parents who knows nothing about why a coffee is $5 and still think they can do it just by making it and selling it. FAIL! that is why old fashioned people thinking they can earn consumers new mindset of makaning will be doomed to fail.

Eating today is an experience. Everything is marketing. The moment you wake and gel your hair, choose that particular undie or bra, and that belt of watch to go along with, you are doing MARKETING. to market yourself to the people who wants to see you and think about you.

Eating is the same. People want to sit down and eat and order drinks. Every bit is a lil marketing too. To market to the gf or bf ar a group of friends. People of today want to make sure that the overall picture of them eating in a place, is soothing, nice, and comfy, and is considered a form of using environment to present his or her best to market that particular moment.

I want my cafe to fufill just that need! I see myself more of an design manager for the cafe. But I will like to be CEO of the chain. But I will leave the menu and HR to experts.

I want to oversee the design and interior of the cafes myself. I want the walls to be the right colours, and the use of nice furnitures. Lights are very important. Paintings, big and small. Little decorative items. Music. A music corner with a piano, drum and double bass. They will feel just like in an IKEA environment.

Foods will cost arnd the moderate range. Main dished maybe $12 to $28. Drinks from $3.50 to about $8.90.


Blogger mandarin_orange said...

wah... so detailed.. drinks and food already got price tags liaoz... *thumbs up*


12:22 PM  
Blogger Darnie Pig said...

lol...thanks mj for supporting my blog... nowadays no pple come liao... since i cannot afford to post nude pics..

4:39 PM  
Blogger terry said...

Your drive is like Evo 9.. bhp all pumping up! keep going.. I'm Zoom Zoom.. cruising by your side

3:20 PM  

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