Saturday, October 01, 2005

My Ahma just went to hospital for checkup. She is drowsy and stuff. I really hope she will become well. I love her too much. But I dunno how to show it. Christians reading this, pray for her salvation. Pray for my family.

I just came back from flag day in City Hall area with cell leader BOH aka ben. As I solicited for coins, I tot about the people whom are benefiting from all this donations. And I tot about myself, discovering that I am so blessed. I am able-bodied, got a family, got food on the table. But then, why do I complain over things in my life, about me or about the things around me. But is it that I am never contented and blame God for? Why think we can look better when there are people whom cannot even see the beauty of this world? Why thing about needs when people out there are toiling for just a fish on the table? Why complain about traffic jam when some pple walk miles to carry water for their family?


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