Saturday, January 21, 2006

SMU Grand Opening

Preparation for Grand Opening Orchestra was really tiring. However, performing for the Prime Minister of Singapore in one of the most authentic cultural flavored muscial orchestra was turely an experience I would never forget. Minister of Education was there too. I saw Admiral Teo Chee Heng too. Dr Tony was there too. Not to forget Banyan Tree's Mr Ho Kwon Ping. Let the pictures do the talking.

Our orchestra rehearsing at SMU's Concourse. Can see me or not?

Nhai Kay, my buddy from City Harvest Church.

My all time favourite Carrie aka Squiggy from Theatre Class.

Xiao Hui from 7TillDawn. Famous Jazz singer and Keyboardist.

Bernie - Self Confessed gym geek. He was Band 2IC for SMU's celebrated rock concert.

My lovely Cellist in army like uniform.

Chiuling my lovely Double Bassist.

Band of Brothers.


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