Friday, October 07, 2005

Mooooosic Life! and Love!

The reason why I am posting this pic up is because i think it is SWEET!!! The is DNT's new set. I think for you readers out there, there is no need to think who plays this. This toy is only for people who can REALLY play the drums. So studio rockers pls stay away. Compared to SMU's drum sets, this is what i call the master! My friend is a pretty pro drummer so in any case you need especially a JAzz drummer, come to me for contact. Notice the custom cymbals and of course double pedal.

This brings me to another point. Recently I am tasked to play the drums for Youth Service. Not that i am good. Just that no other players liao. I kind of like it because it is a very dynamic instrument next to the keyboard which i am more proficient in. Check these pictures out.

These will be memories of the pass soon because we are moving over to Expo Hall 10 MAX PAVILION. Very eager to start playing in a hall for 7000 people. We are believing for God to fill the place! This is the picture of our new home when we move in in December.

Just had our dedication prayer service last night. Very powerful! We saw the LN24 on stage with sandals off on holy ground. Very powerful! for more info visit .

Anyway lately I have been tired of schools and projects. Now that mid terms are over and term break is coming. I wanna catch up on some rest man. Anyway I just went to make a new spec. Because of my 900 plus degrees my spec will cost over $400. Sianz. But no choice man! Got bad eyes. Sigh. Bought myself a $30 VertiKal bag also. Seldom like to spent such money but i got no choice man. Need to survive this harsh environment where looks matters.

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Blogger bYzAnT|N3 said...

Nice hall, I wonder what would it be like when we, your going to be neighbours, move over at hall 8? Let's think in terms of toilet usage shall we?

Hahha I shall blog about that since I'm suffering from the post BP project sleeplessness syndrome.

2:37 AM  
Blogger Eleta said...

DNT is mad. :|

11:15 AM  
Blogger Darnie Pig said...

i think CHC has enough resources to build a hall to contain just toilets... hehe. Just up to you if u want to or not. =P

Eleta: DNT is not mad. He is gone.

12:49 PM  

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