Friday, October 07, 2005

Misc Updates!

Found this pics of dad and mom, the people responsible for my existance. Just what are they trying to do??? HI!!!!!! Both of them were at this yellow river. Looks majestic. They look young here, in those caps and sports shoes. Just a pity they are still working so hard when they should really be counting income at home. They should use Rents as an income strategy to financial freedom than trying to run cafe business that sucks time and health! Nonetheless, mom is still naggy about eating too much fried stuff and not having enuff sleep. Dad still practise favourtism allowing elder brudders to use the camry and try to kian sup when it comes to me and 3rd brudder. what the fish and chips! !%^&#&*^$$*

Still selling some spare thumbdrives. Ok enough said! They are good stuffs!

Finally found this pic of me and ben doing flag day! Dun see we got so many stickers left, inside all coins ah i tell you! Wearing red means standing up for the youth ministry! Red means power!


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