Friday, October 07, 2005

ERP and the Singaporean and the Management

COE has been driven down so the news says. Wow, it is time to buy a coveted BMW 3 series. When is it ever cheaper to buy a car when it already sells for something called the COE! Look at the erected ERP gantries everywhere. Management thinks these gantries are complementary to the trees in garden Singapore and thus it is perfectly all right to plant these "trees" to beautify the landscape.

The purpose of planting these "trees" is so as to help the CBD areas be less jammed. But why is it that these areas are still as jammed? Answer: These poor souls drive in there because they work there!!!! The reason why these traffic is there is because they have to be there!!! ECP, CTE I understand could be tarriffed to encourage alternative route. But CBD area is for the people who work there! The reason why people still drive in there is because they work and park their cars there!

People buy into the idea or rethoric that well, it discourages pple to drive in there but the fact is that the same friggin cars go in there because they have to. And these poor souls are taxed for buying a car with its COE! Now you argue that they should have took public transport. BUT WHAT WAS THE COE PAID FOR?!?!?!?!?! The amount of COE is regulated and they paid for it and paid a high price for it! Why is it that they then must sacrifice a 2nd time paying for ERP when they have to work in the CBD areas?

Management is in fact cashing the cows. CASH COWS are we. Sadly, people are buying into the idea that these gantries are for a greater good. So well, after these 'trees' took their tool, management is building MORE gantries to curb te increasing traffic. Ok, when will this stop. You regulate here, people drive there, there jam, you plant 'trees', people then flood somewhere else and you 'plant' again. Woohoo... it never stops.

This is a slow and carefully planned warfare to cash the cows. Stop buying into the idea that it was meant for a greater good. This is a post-modernist world. Wake up and start questioning the environment.

Think twice before you say that wow COE has dived and then buy that coveted BMW. Think! When is it ever fare to pay COE, and then be subjected to ERP and then subjected to Car Park Fees? Who said that having to pay road tax was the correct thing?


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