Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Weekend with Nexus - Last Battle of the Universe

This weekend is the final countdown. As in, my attachement to Nexus ends today as we fight our last battle before the Fire and the Star take over the galaxy over to Max Pavillion in the ever large scale inter-galactic starwars. I am their drummer for this battle and am responsible to drum in the army of God.

Well today, Miss Sweety Jess, aka the pink bag gal, met me at my place before our galactic spaceship arrived to pick us up. And there she is in this pic, posing a smile for you. Enjoy!

This is Nexus, a picture to capture the last moment before the battle ends today. For visitors to the blog and know of not the Nexus team, I hereby introduce them one by one. Daniel aka Darnie(Drums), Jess aka Pink Sweet(Piano), Ben Seow aka Ah Boh(Acoustic), Caroline aka Married soon(Synth), Wei Ern aka Handsome(Bass) and Kenny aka Uncle(Electric). I love these people and this team. This is a FANTASTIC group photo that can make it to a museum.

This is the Vocal Team and Worship Leader Sally. One of the vocalists will buy flowers everytime they serve and give to all the worship team. This is sweet!

This is Handsome Ah Boy Ben Seow. He is son of Pastor Eugene Seow. He is only 17. So young girls out there, if you want to know him, errr.... find his dad first. Wahahahaha!!

This is the drum I played on today. DW man! Shiok!!! Crashed the Cymbals like mad!! It was intense man! Very Versatile. 4 Toms, 4 Crashes and 1 China, 1 ride, 1 HiHat. Cow Bells. Chimes. Double Pedal. A ButtKicker engine that doesn't work! DOH!!! Fish Tank. I am on SALE!

Seriously I feel that the pictures that I sometime take do not loose out to some award winning ones publicised! Look at this. Look how I made a moment of Carol on the handphone look so incredible!! Hahaha. That is the power of a camera I feel. Marketing a moment in time to incur value to it.

NEXUS all the way! In fact, making way. For the Fire and Star to arrive. Till then, the inter-galactic war had not ended. The evil Darth Vader still roams the universe. However, hope still exists for mankind. As the FCBCians marches on, light shines far down the darkened walkways.

Till then, this is Flight Commander Darnie of the Galactica signing off. Have a good rest gentlemen.


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